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Our Services

Our role is to make the whole process as enjoyable and stress free as possible for our clients.  To do so usually requires our participation with all of the services listed below.  While some may not be mandatory for our professional commitment to client and building codes, some still require our involvement.  

The services below are an indication of what is required for a typical design, bid, build type of project.  During our introductory meeting we will gladly elaborate on not only these roles but other types of project delivery methods such as project management, construction management and DESIGN BUILD depending on your needs and expectations.


We start every project with an introduction to our clients.  Our first consultation is complimentary and we do so in your place of business or home or by 'Facetime', 'Skype or by telephone if that is your preference.  We listen to your goals, aspirations and project expectations and budget.  Our role is to make you confident in our abilities by understanding the process and pertinent information specific to your project.


Once we are commissioned we start the process of researching your project.  If it is an existing building we visit it and site measure if required.  We investigate how you operate your business or live in your present space. If you have a team we will meet with them as you require as well to ensure a proper and appropriate design is realized.  

site investigation

Sometimes clients bring us a new site already chosen.  If you have not done so allow us to work with you and your real estate professional (or we can suggest one for you).  This way you can be confident the site and zoning will allow the type of business or building you are expecting before you buy it.  We can also help you select a site  which allows design for better views, natural lighting, solar heating and power and other utilities.

conceptual design

We assist with pulling together all the information required for the design of your new building.  If you don't have them;  legal surveys, geotechnical reports, and a variety of other engineering and interior design services may be required for your project.  We can coordinate all of this for you during the design phase.  Once the design is completed we prepare and submit Development Permit Drawings  and materials to the local authorities on your behalf.

construction drawings

As the design proceeds and is acceptable to you we will begin Building Permit  drawings or blueprints  and specifications to allow for construction of your new building.  Plans, elevations, construction details and specifications are prepared and reviewed by you prior to completion.  During this phase a potential construction schedule and budget are developed.  


During this phase we assist with the construction package tendering and contract.  There are numerous ways to build your project depending on the size and complexity. We will explain the options available to you and perhaps interview potential contracting firms to allow you to make the best decision.  We have worked successfully over the years with many General Contractors and will make suggestions to those  best suited for your project.


During construction our role is to assist you, the owner with ensuring the design intent and contract documents are interpreted as correctly as possible.  Site visits are typical where we review construction progress with the schedule.  Site meetings usually occur on a two week cycle and are scheduled to best meet this.  Sometimes changes can occur during construction due to a variety of circumstances.  We are there to assist you with timely decisions though out the construction process. 

post construction

Once the construction is finished and ready for occupancy the client and the architect and his team need to review the construction for compliance to drawings, specifications and building codes and other ordinances.  Deficiencies are photographed and noted for rectification by the contractor.  When appropriate paperwork is filed by the Architect to the local authorities showing that the project is ready for occupancy and move in by you.

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