'community based design

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"We are experienced at designing both institutional facilities as well as private dwellings for persons with physical and sensory disabilities"

A history of design for disabilities

"community based design"

accessible barrier free kitchens

Affordable Housing for Public Sector and Private Institutions

Our early design experience was designing government extended health care facilities.

In Alberta affordable housing projects that are built with government funds must provide a percentage of the total dwellings as accessible or adaptable units.  While our largest project was the Mustard Seed Centre 1010 our experience encompasses numerous 'entry level' affordable wood framed townhouse projects for private developers.  

Accessible Housing Design - both new and retrofit

Whether designing a new house  or re-designing an existing one to accommodate new or existing disabilities we have experience to assist with the daily living activities of residents.  We have designed both new homes and renovated existing to accommodate  accessible elevators or chair lifts, new kitchens, bathrooms, wider hallways and wider doors enhancing  the quality of life for people.